If you want to write, Write!

If you want to write, WRITE; what is stopping you?

Whenever you have the urge to do something. I say DO IT. If it is safe, healthy, and not harming yourself or others, then yes. DO IT!

But I am talking about when you get that urge, that intense feeling that you need to let something out – write it all down. Never mind the grammar or punctuation at first that can be fixed later. Just sit down with some paper and a pen in hand and write down whatever you are feeling.

As a writer myself, I know this urge too well. I will be out somewhere and get an idea in my head and stop myself; I am like, oh no, I need to write this down before I forget. So, I usually send myself a message on my phone with what I want to write about, then go home and write.

For me, this feeling comes often. I enjoy writing children’s books and blogging about motherhood, so I always have ideas running through my mind. But for new writers, the ones who do not yet know they like to write, that first step is to DO IT! WRITE IT DOWN! Get it out.

I have many people reach out and ask, hey, I would love to write a book, and my first response is ALWAYS the same thing – if you want to write, then write!

Whether you wish to do anything with your writing or not, that is your choice. But taking that first step is amazing. You can then see how you feel after it is all out on paper. You may not like it or just the opposite; you may love it and say, this is great; I want the world to see this.

If you feel that way, then this is when you start trying to look into publishing your writing.

But you never know who you will inspire with your story. If you want to write, WRITE…do not let anything or anyone stop you!

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