“It’s Not Easy Being a Good Mom”
A family member of mine said this to me once and it has stuck with me ever since. I feel this statement is so true.
Being a good mom is a lot of work and is not easy. There are a lot of hats you need to wear and I feel these moms don’t necessarily get the credit they deserve. No matter your child’s age or if they are a boy or a girl. Its not easy to do.
The good moms I speak of are the ones who dedicate 24/7 to being a good mom.
These moms pretty much eat, sleep, walk, talk about their children constantly and do so with a smile on their faces.
They are the ones who are always there being supportive no matter what and the ones who go to every single event or appointment the child has, the ones who wake up every couple hours at night to feed their child and feel sleep deprived but still have to work the next day.
The moms who call to check up on their children during the day, the moms who make lunches, give baths, read a bedtime story, snuggle up and watch the child’s favorite movie even if its the tenth time of watching it.
The moms who love the crap out of their kids and do everything in their power to help them and guide them every step of the way. Most importantly, the moms who make their children feel safe and protected and loved and cared for. That is a great mom!
To all the great moms out there, keep doing the best job that you can with your children. You got this!

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